Vision & Mission


After the Strategic Planning understanding became a legal obligation for all public administration with the Public Financial Management and Control Law No.5018, the Strategic Plan for 2009-2013 was prepared. The main principles of the Law No. 5018 and the tasks assigned to the TCA were re-visited in this work and the vision of the TCA was renewed as follows:
"TCA, the safeguard of an accountable and transparent public management.”
"Strategic Plan (2009-2013)"  p.23


"To conduct audits and produce reports, and to take final decision on the accounts and transactions of those responsible through trial with a view to ensuring the public administrations to serve efficiently, economically, effectively and in compliance with the laws and the public resources to be acquired, preserved and utilized in accordance with the foreseen purposes, targets, laws and other legal arrangements, as per the right to budget of TGNA."
"Strategic Plan (2009-2013)" p.23