International Training Activities

Training Programs:

      The TCA has a long-standing past and tradition of auditing, which started with Karahanlı State and continued during the Turkish States of Ghaznavids, Seljuks, the Ottoman Empire and has reached the present day. The TCA, equipped with judicial function, is the supreme audit institution for auditing the use of public funds in the lights of international auditing standards.

      The TCA, with the deep-rooted historical experience, aims to contribute to the capacity building activities of other Supreme Audit Institutions. In this sense, the TCA organizes international training activities in the following areas by its competent experts.

Previous Training Courses:

     Below is the list of trainings provided by the experienced trainers of our institution since 2012 for the colleagues from other country SAIs.

Subject Year Participant Country Place
Financial Audit 2018 MOLDOVA ANKARA
Public Audit 2016 ALBANIA ANKARA
IT Audit and Audit Management 2015 AFGHANISTAN ANKARA
Knowledge and Experience Sharing 2015 TRNC ANKARA
Knowledge and Experience Sharing 2015 TRNC ANKARA
Knowledge and Experience Sharing 2015 TRNC ANKARA
Public Audit 2015 ALBANIA ANKARA
Performance Audit 2015 MONGOLIA İSTANBUL
Financial and Compliance Audit 2015 OMAN ANKARA
Recent Developments in Auditing 2015 ALBANIA ANKARA
SAYCAP Practices 2015 TRNC TRNC
Accrual-based Accounting 2015 TRNC TRNC
Audit of Local Governments 2015 TRNC TRNC
IT Audit and Audit Management 2014 ALBANIA ANKARA
Performance Audit and Practices 2014 MONGOLIA ANTALYA
Public Audit 2014 ALBANIA ANKARA
Public Audit Practices 2014 ALBANIA ANKARA
Financial Audit 2013 ALBANIA ANKARA
Compliance Audit and Practices on Public Procurements 2013 ALBANIA ANKARA
Function of SAI on Public Financial Structure 2013 ALBANIA ANKARA
Experience sharing in the framework of Implementation of International Standards on Auditing 2013 AZERBAIJAN ANKARA
Performance Audit 2012 MONGOLIA ANKARA
SAI Audit and Final Account Training 2012 AZERBAIJAN ANKARA
Performance Audit 2012 ALBANIA ANKARA
Financial Audit Training 2012 TRNC TRNC