ASOSAI Capacity Building Program on “IT Audit” Held in Ankara

ASOSAI Capacity Building Program on “IT Audit”, which is hosted by the TCA and which will be organized between 2-6 July 2018 in Ankara, has started on 2 July 2018 Monday with the speeches of the President of the TCA, Seyit Ahmet Baş and the representative of the ASOSAI Capacity Building Management, Ms. Eriko Tsuchiya.
Experts from Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and India and participants from Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Kuwait, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey and Jordan are attending the said meeting.
The program, which is applied for SAIs of the ASOSAI member countries, will be conducted in three stages in India, Turkey and Malaysia. In the meeting held in Turkey, each participating country will introduce its planned works related to IT audit. In addition to introducing plans, they will exchange ideas on audit implementation and report preparation during team studies.

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