Memorandum of Understanding Signed with the SAI of Macedonia

The Turkish Court of Accounts and the SAI of the Republic of Macedonia signed a memorandum of understanding on 2 October 2018, Tuesday.
In the signature ceremony held in the SAI of the Republic of Macedonia in a warm and friendly environment, the TCA President Seyit Ahmet Baş, who was in Skopje as the guest of the SAI of the Republic of Macedonia, Naser Ademi, Acting General State Auditor of Macedonia and representatives from both SAIs were present.

This MoU signed between the SAIs of the two countries, which have had close relations in recent years, forms the basis of the activities such as training programs, workshops and joint audits to be organized between the two SAIs.

Speaking at the end of the signature ceremony, President Baş expressed his satisfaction for the signing of the MoU as such:

"I am more than pleased to be here today and to sign such a significant MoU. It is without doubt that this MoU will be an important step to further develop the existing close relations between the two SAIs. In the upcoming period, our close relations with the SAI of the Republic of Macedonia will continue enhancing, and we will conduct many activities together in the field of audit”.
The ceremony ended with the speech of Mr. Naser Ademi, Acting General State Auditor, where he expressed his pleasure for the signed MoU and extended his best regards.

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