President BAŞ Attended the 15th Establishment Anniversary of the SAI of Kosovo

President BAŞ went to Pristine as the guest of the SAI of Kosovo in order to attend the 15th Establishment Anniversary of the SAI of Kosovo as well as a conference.

In the opening ceremony of the program, which lasted for two days, President BAŞ addressed the participants in his capacity as the President of EUROSAI and the TCA.

Mentioning the close relations between the two countries from the past, President BAŞ stated that these relations continue between the two SAIs with the same sincerity and their support to the SAI of Kosovo will continue increasing in all fields.

Within the scope of the program, a conference was held on the theme of “The Role and Impact of the Supreme Audit Institutions in Restoring Public Trust in the Public Sector”. Taking part in the conference as speaker, President BAŞ also joined a panel on “Challenges Encountered by the SAIs in Ensuring Transparency and Accountability in Public Management”.

On the other hand, bilateral talks were held with the heads of some SAIs in the program in which representatives of more than ten SAIs, OECD-SIGMA and the European Court of Auditors took part, and the Turkish Embassy in Pristine was visited.

Principal Auditors and Directors Muzaffer KULULAR, Zeynal ATLI and Feyzullah OKUMUŞ accompanied President BAŞ in the said program and meetings.

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