Training Program on Information Technologies (IT) Audit for the Auditors from the SAI of the TRNC


A delegation of 17 auditors from the SAI of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is attending the training on Information Technologies (IT) Audit organized by our institution between the dates of 19-23 November 2018.
The Deputy President of the TCA, Mr. Zekeriya TÜYSÜZ made the opening speech and presented his good wishes for the training program, which was prepared by our staff members working in Audit Group-22.
The said training provides information on the following: Information Technologies (IT) Development, Risks, Controls, Standards, Audit Framework, Audit Process/Planning/Execution, Reporting and Follow-up, Governance/Project Management along with Governance, System Development Process Controls and Foreign Procurement Processes, Operation and Maintenance, Business Continuity and Disaster, Recovery Planning, Physical and Environmental Security, Network Management and Security, Operation System Management and Security, Database Management and Security, Application Security, Application Controls and Computer-Aided Audit Technologies (CAATs).

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