EUROSAI Governing Board Members Hold an “Off-site” Meeting in Istanbul

The Turkish Court of Accounts, as the President of the European Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (EUROSAI), hosted the Governing Board Members “Off-site” Meeting, which was held for the first time in the history of EUROSAI. The meeting in question was organized in İstanbul on 19 November 2018 with the participation of the Heads of the SAIs of the Governing Board Member Countries, the Czech Republic, Finland, the Netherlands, Spain, Latvia, Moldova and Poland.

The Off-site Meeting organized by the TCA for the first time provided a dynamic and interactive discussion platform unlike the annual EUROSAI Governing Board Meeting, and the strategic matters in the agenda of EUROSAI were addressed in a more flexible and innovative manner. The basic principles on working in team spirit, areas open for improvement and the action plan to be adopted were discussed by the Governing Board, the concrete solution proposals were compiled and a decision was taken to submit them to the next Governing Board Meeting as “Good Practice Examples Proposal”.

Also, the new website designed within the scope of the EUROSAI Action Plan Visualisation Project developed by the TCA as the leader of the EUROSAI General Governance and Institutional Identity Portfolio was introduced by the President Seyit Ahmet BAŞ to the Governing Board members. The targets of the Project and the website, which attracted great attention, include the visualisation of the action plan, introduction of the new projects, training and audit activities and making the Organisation permanent in this way, enabling that the up-to-date information concerning the implementation of the action plan reach all members in good time as well as ensuring proper and effective monitoring and reporting.

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