Financial Audit Workshop for the SAIs of EU Candidate Member States, which is hosted by the TCA, has begun

The third workshop in the series of financial audit workshops for the SAIs of EU Candidate Member States has begun in Ankara with the TCA acting as the host. The workshops are realized with the technical assistance of the SAI of Sweden, who is the co-chair of the Audit Activities Joint Working Group, which aims to develop cooperation between the SAIs of EU Member States and the candidate and potential candidate member states.

The first one of the financial audit workshops was hosted by the SAI of Bosnia-Herzegovina; the second one was hosted by the SAI of Montenegro; and the third one is hosted by the TCA. In this workshop, participants will share knowledge and experience on report writing, and 3 experts from the SAI of Sweden will be the moderators. In addition to our country, the workshop is attended by 24 representatives from the SAIs of Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia which are EU candidates.

Our President, Seyit Ahmet BAŞ, attended the opening ceremony of the workshop and gave a speech on the history, duty and mandate of our institution and wished the participants success.

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