English Translation of the TCA Strategic Plan (2019-2013) Has Been Published

TCA Strategic Plan (2019-2023) has been prepared in accordance with the main national and international documents with the participation of internal and external stakeholders to contribute to the use of budget right within the framework of transparency, accountability and fiscal transparency.

In the Strategic Plan covering the 5 year-period, with the vision defined as “TCA constantly renewed and evolved with the experience which has been acquired from its deep-rooted history and serving for the formation of a better public administration” it is aimed that TCA with its guiding role leads in establishment of corporate culture and in achieving the target level in the long term.

Within the framework of the strategic objectives and targets determined within the scope of the Strategic Plan, it is planned to focus on developing the understanding, approach and capacity of the audit and to cooperate with national and international professional and other related organizations within the framework of international audit standards.

You can use the following link to reach TCA Strategic Plan (2019-2023)


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