English Translation of The State Economic Enterprises Audit Manual Has Been Published.

Articles 36 and 43 of the TCA Law no.6085 state that the audit by Turkish Court of Accounts shall cover regularity audit and performance audit. In the article 35 of the same law it is set forth that audit activities which are conducted independently and impartially, shall be carried out in accordance with the generally accepted international auditing standards and with due consideration to the implementation of the contemporary audit methodologies.

In accordance with the provisions of this Law, it is of great importance to prepare audit manuals and provide guidance to auditors in order to carry out audits efficiently in compliance with international audit standards with due consideration. Audit guidelines are the basic documents that regulate the steps to be followed in planning, conducting, reporting and monitoring the results of the audits, directing the implementation and ensuring the quality and standard in the audit.

The State Economic Enterprises Audit Manual, which reflects the long experience gained in the audit of state-owned enterprises, is expected to contribute to the audit metdodology in the field. The Manual consists of five sections, which are General Framework, Planning, Execution, Reporting and follow-up. Also, annexes are found at the end of the manual.
You can use the following link to reach The State Economic Enterprises Audit Manual…”


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