54th ASOSAI Governing Board Meeting ended in Kuwait

On 24 July 2019, which was the second and last day of the 54th ASOSAI Governing Board Meeting, the SAIs of Japan and Thailand were elected to represent ASOSAI in the period of 2019-2025 in the INTOSAI Governing Board. The election was made in the first session of the last day where Japan, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam submitted their candidacy for the position to ASOSAI.

Both SAIs will join the decisions in the INTOSAI Governing Board on behalf of ASOSAI in the said period and inform the members of the organization on those.

In addition, in the ceremony held after the 54th ASOSAI Governing Board Meeting, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed to develop the cooperation between ASOSAI and ARABOSAI. The MoU was signed by the General Secretaries of both organizations, and MoU’s aims and attention were uttered in the speeches made afterwards.

TCA President Seyit Ahmet BAŞ held bilateral talks and exchanged ideas with the Presidents and representatives of the other participating SAIs during the meeting.

Within this scope, decisions were taken for the conclusion of Memoranda of Understanding with the SAIs of China and Thailand with the aim of developing cooperation.

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