23. INCOSAI ended.

23. INCOSAI, the Congress of International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI), which started on 23 September 2019, ended on 28 September 2019.

During the congress, panels were organized in the light of the themes of “Information Technology for the Development of Public Administration” and “The Role of the Supreme Audit Institutions in the Achievement of National Priorities and Goals”; the meetings of main committees were held; and in addition, the meeting of “Forum of Jurisdictional SAIs” was conducted.
23. INCOSAI ended with the 73.Governing Board meeting, which was chaired by the SAI of Russian Federation, which will carry out the presidency of INTOSAI in the next three years. The congress also approved the Moscow Declaration, which included the aims of responding effectively to opportunities brought by technological advancement, providing independent external oversight on the achievement of nationally agreed targets including those linked to the SDGs, and enhancing the impact and value of SAIs.

Our delegation, which attended the said Congress as headed by the President of the TCA, Mr. Seyit Ahmet BAŞ, carried out several bilateral meetings and signed memoranda of understanding.

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