24th ECOSAI Governing Board Meeting Ended

The 24th GB meeting started with the opening speech of Mr. Seyit Ahmet Bas, President of the Turkish Court of Accounts and ECOSAI. Following the adoption of the agenda, Auditor General of Pakistan, as the ECOSAI Secretariat, presented the ECOSAI Activity Report.
After the presentation of the 2018 Financial Statements of ECOSAI by the Secretariat, the 19th ECOSAI Training Committee report was presented.
During the meeting, report on the publication of the ECOSAI Circular by the SAI Pakistan; report on presentation of ECOSAI as “Observer” in ASOSAI; and report on ECOSAI Trainings held in 2019 were presented, as well. Also, a discussion was held on the introduction of SAIs as “Observer” members in ECOSAI.
Finally, after the report on MoUs signed between ECOSAI member SAIs was presented and other relevant matters were discussed, the meeting ended with the closing address of Mr. Seyit Ahmet Bas.

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