Information Technologies (IT) Audit Self-Assessment (ITASA) Workshop started in Ankara

The President of the TCA, Seyit Ahmet BAŞ, welcomed in his office Pascale Stenne from the SAI of Belgium, Swiech Jasec from the SAI of Austria and Roland Mwesigwa from the SAI of Uganda, the representative for AFROSAI, who all attended the Information Technologies (IT) Audit Self-Assessment (ITASA) Workshop
The first IT Audit Self-Assessment (ITASA) Workshop was held in 2013, and the second one was held in our institution on 6-7 November 2019. The Deputy President of the TCA, Zekeriya Tüysüz, made the opening of the workshop. 18 TCA auditors attended the workshop, which was moderated by guest experts from three different country SAIs. In the 2-day long workshop, IT audit self-assessment will be made for our institution, and experience will be shared on the problems faced by our colleagues in audits in relation to IT audits and their solution ways.

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