Turkish Court of Accounts Chaired the International Public Audit on Energy Charter

Energy Charter Treaty is an international agreement, which includes the arrangements for the protection and promotion of energy investments, energy trade and energy transit, and our country is party to the Treaty. Upon the request of the contracting states, a decision was taken for the conduct of a Public Audit on the Secretariat of the Energy Charter by an international commission. The Audit Commission, which was chaired by an auditor from the Turkish Court of Accounts, consisted of 15 auditors from 10 countries/international organizations. The overall objective of the audit, which was carried out in the headquarter of the Secretariat in Brussels on 10-23 October 2019, was to provide the Energy Charter Conference with reasonable assurance on whether the Secretariat used the funds allocated in accordance with the principles determined by the contracting parties. The audit report prepared at the end of the public audit was submitted to the Strategy Group, as one of the subsidiary boards of the Energy Charter, for final evaluation and provision of information to the Energy Charter Conference.

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