Measures Taken For Providing Business Continuity of the TCA

We are grateful to healthcare professionals all over the world, especially in our country, who strive to help everyone at the expense of their lives in these days when the world has had a hard time due to the Covid 19 outbreak. We hope that this troubled process will end immediately and we will return to our good old days.

The process due to Covid-19 will not only affect the world and the public but also entail Supreme Audit Institutions to review their positions and area of activity in detail. Actions taken by SAIs due to Covid-19 can be grouped under three headings.

-    Business Continuity during Covid-19 Crisis
-    Contribution of SAIs during Covid-19 Crisis through audit activities
-    Contribution of SAIs after Covid-19 Crisis through audit activities

TCA has taken a number of measures to fulfill the precautions taken by the Turkish Authorities regarding the situation arising from Covid 19, to ensure that its staff are affected by this process at the minimum level, and to ensure that its activities continue in the ordinary flow. Measures taken for business continuity of the TCA is available in the following link. We will share our approach regarding the second and third topics soon. 

Link: Measures Taken For Providing Business Continuity of the TCA

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