New TCA Members Have Been Elected

TCA is a supreme audit institution which performs audit on behalf of the Parliament with the aim of ensuring the power of the purse and has judicial authority.

There are 8 judicial chambers at the TCA.

Chambers, each of which is a court of accounts, take final decision on matters related to public loss specified in judicial reports prepared with respect to the accounts and transactions of those responsible.

TCA Members working in the chambers must have served at least sixteen years in public service, after graduating from the faculties of law, political sciences, economics, business administration, economics and administrative sciences, or at least four-year domestic or foreign faculties or schools of higher education whose equivalence to aforesaid faculties be certified by the Council of Higher Education.

Also, candidates for membership must have served one year in total in the posts indicated in the Law No. 6085 on Turkish Court of Accounts. In addition, those elected as member from outside Turkish Court of Accounts shall not work for three years on matters related to the administration for which they recently worked.

As a result of the election for the vacant positions of members; Hasan KARAMAN, Ahmet AVŞAR, Murat AYGÜN, Mahmut KOCAMEŞE ve Meltem YILMAZ YÖNTER are elected as the new members of TCA on behalf of the Turkish Parliament on 09.06.2020.

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