First Roundtable Discussion of the Project Group on “Auditing the Response to COVID-19 Pandemic” is Held

EUROSAI Project Group on “Audit of Responses to COVID 19 Pandemic”, established under the leadership of SAI UK and SAI Finland with the broad participation of EUROSAI members, held its first Roundtable Discussion on 16 June 2020 via Blackboard tool.

The roundtable meeting was moderated by the SAI UK, and presentations were made by the SAIs of Turkey, Malta, Norway, Israel, Denmark and Romania based on three discussion topics:
  • COVID-19 situation in the participating countries,
  • audit responses given or planned to tackle with COVID-19 pandemic and
  • proposals for the activities and subjects that should be included in the Operational Plan of the Project Group.
In the first part, participant countries summarized the key milestones of the COVID-19 crisis in their countries and the relevant actions taken by the governments, including social and medical precautions as well as economic and financial recovery packages.

In the second part of the discussions, each SAI shared the approach and methodology adopted as the audit response and explained how this response has been reflected to their audit planning and practice, as well. The main concern expressed by the Presidents of the participating SAIs is the challenge to keep the balance between the agile and flexible reaction of the governments and the ongoing mission of holding the users of the public funds accountable and transparent. Audit themes and areas most frequently emphasized were evaluating the public procurements on the basis of the compliance criteria, figuring out the effectiveness of the internal controls to eliminate the risk of corruption and irregularity due to the quick financial reactions and defining the possible and most relevant performance audit topics.

In the last part, participant SAIs shared their ideas and proposals for the further development of the Project Group’s Operational Plan with respect to better cooperation for the effective and rapid dissemination of audit approaches, practices and lessons learnt among all EUROSAI members.

Mr. Seyit Ahmet Baş, President of the Turkish Court of Accounts (TCA), joined the meeting and delivered the presentations on behalf of the TCA.

Roundtable Discussions on the same topic will continue until 24 June 2020 with the participation of other SAIs, and the results of these meetings will be addressed in the Second Webinar, which is planned to be organized on 2 July 2020.

Country paper presented by the TCA in the Roundtable Meeting is available here…

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