EUROSAI Activities

"Emerging Issues" Workshop Was Organized in Istanbul - 12.12.2018

Emerging Issues Workshop, under the Emerging Issues and Forward Thinking Portfolio, organized by the SAI of Finland and hosted by Turkish Court of Accounts in İstanbul on 20-21 November 2018   The Workshop was opened by the speech of the Seyit Ahmet BAŞ, President of the TCA and EUROSAI and he

EUROSAI Governing Board Members Hold an “Off-site” Meeting in Istanbul - 12.12.2018

The Turkish Court of Accounts, as the President of the European Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (EUROSAI), hosted the “Off-site of EUROSAI Governing Board Members” Meeting. The meeting was organized in İstanbul on 19 November 2018 with the participation of the Heads of the Supreme

A Press Meeting Was Held After the EUROSAI Governing Board Meeting - 29.8.2018

A press meeting was held on 14 March 2018 with the purpose of giving information on the EUROSAI governing board members, who gathered for the annual governing board meeting, the EUROSAI mission and projects. The said meeting was attended by the SAI presidents of all member countries under the leadership

EUROSAI Coordination Team Meeting Held in Poland - 29.8.2018

EUROSAI Coordination Team Meeting was hosted by the SAI of Poland, the Second Vice President of EUROSAI, on 12-14 July 2017 under the chairmanship of Seyit Ahmet Baş, President of EUROSAI and President of the Turkish Court of Accounts. In the meeting, in which the SAI of the Czech Republic took part

EUROSAI Coordination Team and Governing Board Meetings Were Held In Poland - 29.8.2018

EUROSAI Coordination Team and Governing Board meetings were held on 13-15 March 2018, where the EUROSAI President and the President of the Turkish Court of Accounts (TCA), Mr. Seyit Ahmet BAŞ, was the chair, and EUROSAI 2nd Vice President, the SAI of Poland, was the host. The Coordination Team meeting,

Turkish Court of Accounts Hosted The 10th EUROSAI Congress And Took Over The EUROSAI Presidency - 29.8.2018

Turkish Court of Accounts hosted the 10th EUROSA Congress held in İstanbul on 22-25 May 2017 and took over the EUROSAI Presidency from the Netherlands Court of Audit. EUROSAI (European Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions) is one of the regional organisations of INTOSAI (International Organization

EUROSAI Strategic Goal 1 Kick-off Meeting held in Potsdam, Germany - 29.8.2018

EUROSAI Strategic Goal 1 Kick-off Meeting was held in Potsdam, Germany on 29-30 November 2017. Representatives of both Co-leaders, the Presidency, the Secretariat, some Governing Board Portfolio holders, the Chairs of the EUROSAI Working Groups and Task Forces, the Co-leaders of SG2 and other interested

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