ISSN: 1300-1981
emmuz - Eylül 2019
Destek Grubu 2
06520 Balgat / ANKARA
ISSN : 1300 - 1981
Issue:114 / July - September 2019
J Checks and Balances in Presidential System:
Oversight Role of Parliament on Executive Branch and
Importance of Audits Carried Out By Supreme Audit Institutions
on Behalf of the Parliament
J The Impact of Uncertainty to the Organizations:
An Evaluation with the Perspective of the New Institutional Theory
J Opportunities Emerging for Urban Administrations in the Digital Age
J Determination and Taxation of Expropriation Price in the Light of the
Decisions of the European Court of Human Rights
J Performance-Based Budgeting System: The Perspective of Bureaucracy and
Bureaucrat Behaviors
J Strengthening Administrative Capacity in Public Institutions
J Impact of Foreign Capital Inflows on Domestic Investments: A Panel Data Analysis for
Selected Developing Countries
J News from the World of Auditing
J TCA Decisions