Audit Area

TCA Audits;

  • a) Public administrations within the scope of the central government budget and social security institutions, local administrations, joint stock companies, which are established by special laws or Presidential decrees and have a share of its capital directly or indirectly owned by the public sector and other public administrations (with the exception of professional organizations having a public status);
  • b) All types of administrations, organizations, institutions, associations, enterprises and companies, which are affiliated to or founded by the administrations listed in point (a) or which they are directly or indirectly partners with;
  • c) All types of domestic and foreign borrowing, lending, repayments, utilization of foreign grants received, giving grants, Treasury guarantees, Treasury receivables, cash management and other matters related to these, all transfers of resources and their utilization and the utilization of domestic and foreign resources and funds, including European Union funds;
  • d) All public accounts, including private accounts, funds, resources and activities regardless of whether these are in the public administrations budget.
Of the companies falling under points (a) and (b); the audit of those companies, their affiliates and subsidiaries, whose public shares are less than 50% directly or indirectly and are subject to independent audit as per the relevant legislation, is performed based on the independent audit reports, which are prepared as per the relevant legislation and sent to the TCA. The TCA submits to the Parliament the report, which it will prepare based on the independent audit reports submitted to it exclusively.
  • Turkish Court of Accounts shall also audit the accounts and transactions of international institutions and organizations within the framework of the principles set out in the relevant treaty or agreement.
  • Audit of public institutions, organizations and partnerships within the scope of Article 2 of Law No. 3346 on Regulating the Audit of State Economic Enterprises and Funds by the Turkish Grand National Assembly, dated 02.04.1987, shall be performed within the framework of the procedures and principles indicated in this Law and other laws.

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